Monday, February 4, 2013

Alena D (アレナD)- back from Shaghai now preparing for her next trip!

Alena D worked in Shanghai for 2 months from Nov 2012 - Jan 2013;  worked well there.
Now preparing for her next trip to the new destination!  She will depart in the first week of March!

Alena D - 179cm Age 18

Vita (ビタ) - Wearable Camera HX-A100 - Panasonic Global

Vita - currently based in Osaka

Xie Lin - job snaps from Singapore; including Ferragamo presentation etc....

Xie Lin - some job snaps from Singapore.
Currently based in Singapore

Vita - photo from her previous photoshoot

Vita's photo from the previous photoshoot.   

Photo by Hiroshi Nonami (Studio Noah) 
Styling, Hair & Make up by Yurika Uchida 

Special thanks to her agency in Osaka!