Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hudson Rossi's new TVC - TURKISH AIRLINES 2010

Here with Hudson's new TVC reel - TURKISH AIRLINES 2010; "We are Turkish Airlines, We Are Globally Yours" =D !!!.... Although this TVC job was a type of group-shoot, we still find it very nice!! Special thanks to his agency in Istanbul, RESPECT =D

Hudson Rossi
- international model from Brazil
Height: 184cm
Chest: 99cm
Waist: 77cm
Hips: 97cm
Shoes: 42
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown

Next video is also a commercial reel from this season;

The following reel is from his previous jean campaign job: PITT JEANS 2008 (Brazil)

Contact Mika Kanno for the further model detail of Hudson Rossi: His entire book copy available on request.

Here with some more TVCs
COCA COLA ZERO Turkey (2010-2011) main part

BIOMEN main part

SANYO main-part for guy

PIZZA HUT (main part)

PAKPEN TVC 2010 (Turkey) - sub-part

2 -Music Video - appearances: He gets in good spots on SCREEN! Cool :)
This one, you can recognize that Hudson appears from the beginning!

Check after you FF the video for 40 sec.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Iffy Zaffar - Interview article from Daily Times (Pakistan)

Iffy's interview article from Daily Times Pakistan on Sunday.

To view the original article, Click HERE! Or..
visit and click the "Columns" listed on a menu bar on the left. The "TAGGED" article can be found.
Iffy Zaffar
Height: 187cm
Chest: 99cm
Waist: 81cm
Hips: 96cm
Shoes: 44-45
Hair: black
Eyes: brown

Iffy Zaffar - 4 previous posts (hyper links)

Rodrigo R (dentist) on Right Guard (deodorant spray) TVC 2010 (Slovakia version)

Rodrigo R's new TVC reel - for Right Guard deodorant spray (for advert. in Slovakia) Note: The video has been uploaded for a promo purpose of the model, Rodrigo R only. Thank you.
Rodrigo Ribeiro Faria
- international model from Brazil, he is also known as a dentist
Height: 187cm
Chest: 98cm
Waist: 76cm
Hips: 96cm
Collar: 39cm / 15"
Shoes: 44-45 / 11.5 (US)
Hair: light brown
Eyes: brown
Rodrigo Ribeiro Faria (Dentist) - 6 previous posts (hyper-links)
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Fabio Ide - Picture Update - May 2010 "newspaper shoot "

Picture update of Fabio Ide May 2010 & some news.
These are some photos from a photo-shoot for a newspaper in Philippines.

Now based in Philippines, Fabio's career expanded toward entertainment;
He already shot 2 movies in Philippines.. although these were not main parts, the parts he was given are supposed to be good ones :)
One is a comedy called "D'Survivors" 2010 and the second one is a comedy drama called "You To Me Are Everything" (2010 - post production). The first movie will come out at the end of April (Check the trailer below), and the second one - on the 15th of May.

In Philippines, he has gradually been recognized not only as a popular Asian-mixed international model but also as a popular actor & TV personality by the public.
Fabio Ide now listed on IMDB: Internet Movie Data Base -
Click here to check!
This week, IMDB STAR-meter on Fabio, shows that his popularity is 18% up compared with the previous week.

Contact Mika Kanno for detailed info of Fabio Ide & direct booking inquiries.

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