Thursday, July 30, 2009

Marcus Schenkenberg (マーカス シェンケンバーグ)- News and Some Pictures (Updated 30 April 2010)

This blog-page: updated on April 30, 2010 with additional pictures & videos...

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Interview by Jennifer Knaeble for German n-tv TV shows: 'DELUXE' und '5th Avenue' in Maldives in early April 2010. See below for new videos
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Btw; Have you seen AVATAR yet?? - Leona Lewis sings for it! Click HERE to listen to Leona song! :) Also click here!

International Emmy Awards 2008 video - Click HERE!

V-mag shots..

(*This blog-page: updated on April 30, 2010 with additional pictures.)
Marcus Schenkenberg perfume and skin care products by LR Germany (Starbox) now available.
Marcus' signature perfume & its related skin care products were launched on July 1st 2009. On the same day, Leona Lewis has also introduced her perfume product-line by LR Germany. An event to announce the launch of the above products followed on July 4th 2009. (BTW, Desperate Housewives' 4 ladies also launched their perfume this year by LR Germany; See their perfume promo video available on YouTube :) Click HERE

Marcus has also launched his jewelry brand, it is called "YOU ROCK"

et un peu de Leona Lewis video from the above event

Next one; Very nice & fun video - They are a Wonderwoman (Giulia S) & a Superman (Marcus S) .... rather than Olivia & John.. lol In any case, very nice performance for only having 2 days of practicing dancing!! Only professional entertainers can do that; Bravo! - Normal people would have broken bones and sprained muscles.. never make it....
Et voila! The latest video of Marcus S. from a very nice German TV show aired on the evening of 10 Jan 2010 NOTE: the video has been uploaded for promo purposes of the model ONLY - Thank you!

Next video: "Team Kruger Chai Latte Go go go-video" which was on air 10 March 2010 in Germany :) Very fun! :)

Next video: A German TV show: Jennifer Kneable's DELUXE (n-tv) aired on 24 April 2010

Next video: A German TV show: 5th Avenue (n-tv) aired on 24 April 2010