Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quick Index of the previous posts (hyper-links) =D August 2011

Archives - 181 posts: Jul -Dec 2009, Jan-Nov 2010, Jan-June 2011 in an alphabetical order by models' names.

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Bruno Pantaroto (ブルーノパンタロト)- 21 posts

Feym (ファイム)- 1 post

01. Feym (ファイム)- Height 184cm

Juan Angel (ファン アンヘル) - 2 posts

01. Juan Angel (ファン アンヘル) - Mini Book

02. Juan Angel (ファン アンヘル)- GQ Apr 2011 issue China edition (belated post)


06. Mario Catana (マリオ・カタナ)- 3 pics from SATCHI F/W 2011 catalog

07. Mario Catana - LEICI advert in Hong Kong S/S 2011

08. Mario Catana - SKAP S/S 2011

09. Mario Catana - Mardra S/S 2011

10. Mario Catana - Kaiwang S/S 2011

11. Mario Catana - Kalalini S/S 2011

12. Mario Catana (マリオ カタナ)- Thanks for flying to China for DB! =D