Friday, February 26, 2010

Erico Bohrz - Feb 25, 2010 issue, HEROS -Watch Magazine for MEN vol.11 (JAPAN)

Erico Bohrz' latest advertorial/editorial - Feb 25, 2010 issue of HEROS - Watch Magazine for MEN (JAPAN)

Photographer: Takahito Naito

Fabio Ide - Picture Update - February 2010

Fabio's new Sony Ericsson ad friends found on a magazine!!

Fabio Ide - picture update Feb 2010:

1. Star Newspaper (Philippines) photoshoot
2. Oxigen campaign 2010
3. Titus advertising (Hong Kong)

some misc. fun pictures & Sony Ericson advert-shot Fabio worked for in Hong Kong last year; found on a magazine.. (We have not received the original tearsheet yet! Will upload it as soon as we receive the original copy :)

The following video is his latest casting video; taped on Feb 12, 2010.

Fabio Ide - international model
Contact us for further model detail; his full book copy available by request.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Robert Majer - Picture Update 2010 - vol. 1

Robert Majer's picture update 2010!! Very nice!
The pictures include shots from Killer Jeans & mag-shots from DV, Carollinum & Dolce Vita etc.
More pictures coming....

It has been a while since Robert last worked in Asia until about a year ago!
He used to work a lot both ONSTAY and Direct Booking cases in Asia, including market such as Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, China (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou etc.) & Korea!! :)

Robert Majer - international model
Height: 185cm
Chest: 96cm
Waist: 76cm
Hips: 95cm
Suit size: 48M
Shoes: 43 / 10-10.5US
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde

Contact us for the further model detail. (Sorry, we will update his page on our website very soon as well as other model pages... our web-designer waiting & ready to work on it.....)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hudson Rossi's new TVC, Pizza Hut 2010 - Istanbul Turkey & 3 other reels :)

Hudson Rossi's new TV commercial reel - "Pizza Hut" (2010) done in Istanbul this season, arrived today along with 3 other showreels; as shown on this blog!
Check the following YT links as well to view with a larger screen!!
Pizza Hut TVC 2010 - HERE!
SANYO TVC 2010 HERE! (filmed in Bahamas....)
Turkish music video clip - HERE!

Hudson Rossi - international model from Brazil -Currently based in Istanbul.
For more detail of Hudson Rossi: Click HERE!
His entire book copy available on request - Contact us
1. Pizza Hut TV commercial :) Very nice!
2. Hudson on Turkish music video clip 2010
3. Sanyo TVC 2010 (for Phlippines); on location: Bahamas
4. BIOMEEN TVC 2008-2009

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rodrigo R (dentist) on Walkers Crisps Baked TVC (everybody naked :) starring Gary Lineker

"Walkers Crisps Baked 70% less FAT" TV commercial, starring a famous sports broadcaster, Gary Lineker, formerly known as one of the greatest football STRIKERS!! -Btw, Lineker is also well known in Japan among many long-time soccer fans as Gary Lineker played in Japan (J-League) back in 90s for 1 year!
The TVC is now on air in Italy and UK! - It was released in Jan 2010 in Italy and UK!! Very nice!! It was filmed in South Africa last year.

To view better quality, HD version - visit "terratec365" link:
Our Rodrigo Ribeiro a.k.a. "dentist Rodrigo" also on this "everybody naked" advert.
His single shot can be seen on the TVC - Have a look!!

Rodrigo Ribeiro Faria - international model from Brazil / Height 6'1.5"
-currently based in Cape Town; He has done other TVCs the previous & this season as well; More showreels coming...

Contact us for further model detail of Rodrigo R.
NOTE: The video has been uploaded only for promo purposes of the model. Thank you.

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