Sunday, June 26, 2011

Iffy (イフィー)on LOUNGE MAGAZINE 25 June 2011

Cover shot & 4 other new pictures of Iffy picked up from 25 Jun 2011 issue of
Pakistan Today, LOUNGE MAGAZINE.
- It's an English magazine we can all enjoy reading it! NICE!

↓Also, view the complete copy of e-magazine ↓

Iffy Zaffar - international model

Height: 187cm
Chest: 99cm
Waist: 81cm
Hips: 96cm
Shoes: 44-45
Hair: black
Eyes: brown

He has known as a celeb-male-model in Pakistan,
We have been working with him since we placed him to China(Shanghai) in 2006.
As for other places, he has worked in Dubai, Oman etc.
Iffy has also been accepted to be promoted for DB in Germany & Malaysia.
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Robert Majer (ロバート メージャー) - Picture Update 2011....a little belated post again... :)

Picture update of Robert Majer.... :)
We will add his model detail later!

RobM used to come to Asia often, and worked a lot until he seriously started practicing his career in photography; He has been based in Check Republic for the past 1 year, and takes DB jobs overseas whenever...there is a super good booking call! =D

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BLACK LASH presentation S/S 2012 now held at Showroom Romeo!

This is only a friendly post:
For one of our old contacts.. back from .... (perhaps..) 2002?? :)
If you happen to be in Paris, visit Showroom Romeo for Isamu Kitayama BLACK LASH Spring/Summer 2012 presentation; now being held (Jun 22-Jul 2, 2011) at 18 Rue Ferdinand Duval 75004 Paris

Juan Angel (ファン アンヘル)- GQ Apr 2011 issue, China edition (belated post)

A little belated post..
Juan Angel's picture from April 2011 issue, GQ China edition (1st pic listed on this page is the one!) It look us a while to collect the pic. Now we have!

On Feb 25 this year, Juan made his first trip to Asia. Before, he only worked in the major market (Milan, NY, London & Paris) for the past 7-8 years. CLICK HERE to view his mini book!

Now, Juan left China; he's back home in Buenos Aires!

It was a new adventurous experience to Juan!
Special thanks to his agencies in China (Beijing & Guanzhou) for collecting the tearsheet! :)

Mario Catana (マリオ カタナ) - Thank you for flying to China for DB ! =D

Mario Catana, known as the image of Armani Collezioni 2007 (worldwide) made a short trip to Asia for a few days, for another direct booking from China this season!! =D
He departed his home Bucharest on Jun 15, and arrived in Hong Kong the next day via London.
Now, he is back in Milano!! Jet-setter! :)

Special thanks to his client in China! 大謝謝 !
Thank Mario for the great job, as usual :) & thank Commence Quest NYC for the great collaboration :) as usual ! =D

Mario Catana - top model from Romania

Height: 187cm
Chest: 96cm
Waist: 79cm
Hips: 96cm
Shoes: 43-44
Hair: light brown
Eyes: blue

Visit the following 11 previous posts: Mario Catana マリオ カタナ (hyper links)

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Contact us for the further model detail or direct booking inquiries. Mario is available for direct booking for now. Mario's full model book & info available on request! Feel free to contact us.

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