Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jens Hofmann - Height 185cm (German-Mexican mix)

Happy to announce that Jens Hofmann of Contempo Models, will be available to travel soon! - will add more pictures of Jens soon!

Jens Hofmann - German/Mexican mixed model
Fluent in English, German, Spanish, Portugues, Italian & lil bit of French

Height 185cm
Chest 95cm
Waist 75cm
Hips 92cm
Shoes 43 / 10.5 (US)
Suit 38 / 40L
Shirt 14.5-15
Inseam 32"/ 81.5cm
Hair dark brown
Eyes lt-brown

For the past years, Jens has worked at :

D1 London,
Bananas Paris,
Traffic Barcelona & Madrid (where he got Loewe perfume campaign!),
X-ray Greece,
Mode Bangkok,
Mannequin Studio Singapore,
Starz People Hong Kong,
Model Line Shanghai (Cicada Group)
& Click New York.

He is currently back home in Mexico City; has recuperated himself from long long long (!!!) modeling trip; Now getting ready to travel again!

Contact us for his book copy, snaps, videos & further model detail and schedule

Jens Hofmann is reprsented by Mika Kanno by courtesy of Contempo Mexico.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Marcus Schenkenberg (マーカス シェンケンバーグ)- GQ Italia, Luglio 2011 :)

Robson Costa (ロブソン コスタ) - pics picked up from his catalog job 2011

Namaste everybody from Robson & Karen in Mumbai, India !!

Some pictures selected from Robson Costa's recent catalog work.

Robson Costa - He's currently based in India with Karen Lima (Liao Tao Ming's girl bellissima :)
They are enjoying their stay in India and they said working in India is not bad at all !! =D
And they mean it!!
We are happy to hear that!! Very nice! =D

Contact either
Mika Kanno or Marcello of MN Mgmt for further model detaisl of Robson Costa.

Robson Alexandre Costa
- international model from Curitiba, Brazil

Height: 185-6cm (6'1")

Chest: 98cm
Waist: 79cm
Hips: 93cm
Shoes: 42-43 / 9-9.5 (US)
Hair: brown
Eyes: Hazel

Robson Costa (ロブソン コスタ) & Karen Lima (キャレン リマ) on CAMARO JEANS advert 2011 (INDIA)

NAMASTE!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Robson Costa & Karen Lima have been working in India for about 3 months now.
Those pictures are from Camaro Jeans 2011 advertising (INDIA).

The shoot was held not too long ago! The following is the PV (& TVC) for the same brand!

Introducing Vitor Mello (ビトー メロ) NEW FACE! - Height 189cm

New Face from Curitiba Brazil

Vitor Mello
age 21

He is available to travel after August 2011

Height 189cm
Chest 95cm Waist 77cm Hips 93cm Shoes 45 Eyes green Hair brown

Now under preparation of placing Vitor Mello for his first international trip; This young gentleman is gifted with good base to become a fine modelo =D - We are working on his model development now. He will do at least 2-3 tests before he departs.

Contact Mika Kanno at for the further model detail of Vitor.
Thank you!

Vitor Mello, represented by Mika Kanno by courtesy of Marcello Nixon of MN Mgmt, our good partner agent in Brazil! :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

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