Friday, July 8, 2011

Robson Costa (ロブソン コスタ) - pics picked up from his catalog job 2011

Namaste everybody from Robson & Karen in Mumbai, India !!

Some pictures selected from Robson Costa's recent catalog work.

Robson Costa - He's currently based in India with Karen Lima (Liao Tao Ming's girl bellissima :)
They are enjoying their stay in India and they said working in India is not bad at all !! =D
And they mean it!!
We are happy to hear that!! Very nice! =D

Contact either
Mika Kanno or Marcello of MN Mgmt for further model detaisl of Robson Costa.

Robson Alexandre Costa
- international model from Curitiba, Brazil

Height: 185-6cm (6'1")

Chest: 98cm
Waist: 79cm
Hips: 93cm
Shoes: 42-43 / 9-9.5 (US)
Hair: brown
Eyes: Hazel

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