Thursday, April 19, 2012

Karen Andrade - pictures selected from previous shoots (jacket catalog)

A little belated post...    Karen's picture update from her previous job for a jacket catalog for a clothing brand in China.

This season she appears on XIDI TV commercial, shows such as Edwin Jeans (booked by a Japanese client), many clothing catalogs, underwear catalog for SORELLA and 2 others. 
Karen will be in Beijing for 10 day-job soon, will be back in Shanghai on 2nd, then, pack things for the next destination for 3 months;  after that in August, she will be back to Shanghai for the coming season!   Special thanks to the booking team in Shanghai.

Karen Andrade - model from Brazil. 

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Karen Andrade - new pic update from job for

Picture update of Karen Andrade, who has been working well in Shanghai. 
This is a picture picked up from her previous job for a well known lady's bag company; Saralotus :)
We have other pictures of Karen Andrade from Saralotus shooting; will plan to add all on this blog!  Thank you!

Karen Andrade - on Salome Rosewater TV commercial 2012

Karen Andrade appears on Salome Rosewater TV commercial 2012 (China) this season.
Note; the video has been shared with you for promo purposes of model, Karen Andrade ONLY.

Karen Andrade - model from Brazil, Height 175cm, has been in Shanghai since last November, and will soon be in Beijing for 10 days job;  After, she will be represented in Vietnam for 3 months;

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Karen Andrade - pic update April 2012 (1) B&W shots

Karen Andrade's picture update April 2012 (1)  B&W pictures.  

Karen Andrade  - 175cm, now being represented in Shanghai.    Next month,  she will be heading for another country in South East Asia!  :)    Then, will be back to Shanghai again in August !  

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Richie Kul - pic update April 2012

On Mar 31, 2012,  Richie Kul had the distinct privilege of representing Pearls of the Far East at the 6th Annual Women's International Film & Arts Festival in Miami.    The audience response  was very positive.

Visit our website (HTML ver.) to view more pictures of Richie.  

Erico Bohrz - pics picked up from Quanli catalog

Erico's pictures picked up from Quanli (umbrella) catalog.  (URL:

4th pic:  sent from the job site 

Introduciing - Thais D

Thais D 

Height 172cm 
Bust 82cm 
Waist 60cm 
Hips 88cm 
Shoes 38
Hair brown 
Eyes green 

Available to travel.  
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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