Monday, April 19, 2010

Photographer, Stefan Kapfer - Golf Story featuring Nick Heidfeld & some other work

F1 Grand Prix in Shanghai was held yesterday on Sunday in the rain!
So.... Here we go!
Some photo work of Stefan Kapfer
, whom we rep. (management in Asia).
The photos on this blog page, include Kapfer's previous "Golf Story" for Golfpunk Magazine, "Swim Wear Story" for GQ, and other work of him.

Golf Story - featuring Formula1 driver, Nick Heidfeld for BMW* - GOLFPUNK
*(Nick Heidfeld was with BMW team during the time BMW participated in the F1 Grand Prix until last year. It is said that Nick H signed with Mercedes this Feb..)

Photographer: Stefan Kapfer by the request of BMW and Golfpunk magazine

Idea & Concept: Stefan Kapfer
Location: Nurburgring, Germany(racing course)
Styling: Susanne Marx (21 Agency)
Make up: Tanaja Karn (21 Agency)

Next photo-story:
Swim Wear Story - GQ
Photographed by Stefan Kapfer
Model: Julian (Viva Models Berlin)
Location: Hyatt Berlin Germany
Hair & Make up by Steff Idris (21 Agency)
Styling by Susanne Marx (21 Agency)
Swim wear & sunglasses: Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Boss

The following pictures:
Some other work of Stefan Kapfer

For Stefan Kapfer's brief bio: please visit our previous post - Click HERE!
Contact Mika Kanno for further enquiries (for Asia/Eurasia BOOKING):

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