Monday, November 8, 2010

Luciano Valiente - Giacconi UOMO Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection :)

Luciano Valiente (Height: 188cm/6'2"), a well established model & actor in Chile & Argentina, made his first modeling trip to Asia this summer! :) He flew from Santiago, Chile (!!!) to Shanghai in mid July, was represented by ESEE Shanghai for 3 months. Worked for many nice jobs including 7 men's catalog jobs; Very nice!! =D

Luciano liked working in Shanghai very much! He had a great time there!

These catalog photos are from GIACCONI (UOMO) - Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection.
Special thanks to his agency in Shanghai.

Contact Mika Kanno ( for the further model detail of Luciano Valiente.

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