Sunday, November 15, 2009

Erico Bohrz - 3 editorials from China - Fall/Winter 2009 + job polas

Erico Bohrz' new picture update: 3 different sets of editorial work & some job polas. We have been only able to obtain 1 magazine out of the above 3 - We are still trying to collect them. :)
Erico has been working in Shanghai since this summer; doing very well there.

The last job pola is from the 75th Anniversary event of CANALI along with the Canali show for the coming season. Erico was selected to open the 75th Canali anniversary show by Ms. Canali & her team; who were visiting Shanghai then to attend their anniversary event. Very nice!!

Erico Bohrz - international model, Height 188cm
Contact Mika Kanno for further info on Erico.

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