Friday, February 26, 2010

Fabio Ide - Picture Update - February 2010

Fabio's new Sony Ericsson ad friends found on a magazine!!

Fabio Ide - picture update Feb 2010:

1. Star Newspaper (Philippines) photoshoot
2. Oxigen campaign 2010
3. Titus advertising (Hong Kong)

some misc. fun pictures & Sony Ericson advert-shot Fabio worked for in Hong Kong last year; found on a magazine.. (We have not received the original tearsheet yet! Will upload it as soon as we receive the original copy :)

The following video is his latest casting video; taped on Feb 12, 2010.

Fabio Ide - international model
Contact us for further model detail; his full book copy available by request.

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  1. it was hot and good...
    i love it...
    i love you so much....
    hope well see each other sooner or latrer..