Sunday, March 7, 2010

Erico Bohrz - Trivia report: Tokyo Girls Collection 2010 (東京ガールズコレクション2010) at Yokohama Arena yesterday.. *___*

Erico Bohrz (now based in Tokyo) got the chance to participate in the 10th Anniversary Tokyo Girls Collection 2010 which was held on Saturday March 6th at Yokohama Arena.
TGC has become the biggest & the most popular (J-pop-culture) fashion event among teenage & tweenage girls since 2001;
The Yokohama Arena was filled with girls who love & admire "super cute, KAWAII" stuff.
Small numbers of male models were hired to escort girls on the runway for Lily & Betty brand show. At the finale of the show; the model guys marched with Mr. (ooops!) Ms. Sun-shine smile Ai Haruna, who has recently selected as the BEST, #1 T-girl Mr. Lady celeb in the world! Ai Haruna.. No.1 in the world!! lol
Click here to view the event report. Erico is on the last picture with Ai Haruna & other guys :)
So much for Trivia news!

Erico Bohrz - international model from Brazil (Height 188cm) represented by Mika Kanno.
After Tokyo; he will be represented in Hong Kong.
For his further schedule, booking inquiry etc. - Contact Mika Kanno.

Check the following video; Lily & Betty show Tokyo Girls Collection 2010! lol
NOTE: The video has been uploaded for promo purposes of the model, Erico Bohrz ONLY! Thank you, どうもありがとう e obrigada!

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