Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fabio Ide - Continues gaining popularity.... =D

The first picture is a sneak preview.. picked up from a game screen, Fabio Ide appears as one of 21 characters of the game.   (This is the game that you earn photo-eggs of models & artists, by playing a mini game!  This page is just an image when the photo gallery is completed!  Before, it appears as blank.. because you have to get photo-eggs to fill out the photo & image space!   

Fabio is gaining popularity.. - Now, close to 35000 fans are following him on Twitter!  =D Mercury version

Fabio's career is really moving forward!   We will update you more on his news!
Fabio Ide has been super busy with his TV shows and film shoots & other personal appearances etc. in Manila where he is based; but Good news for clients overseas!  He loves traveling;  he says he would like to Direct Booking overseas as long as his schedule is OK! Contact us for more info.

Fabio now has his official page in Japan, Click HERE or HERE!

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